creating unforgettable culinary experiences

product promotion and demonstrations

Product Demonstrations are an effective and cost efficient marketing tool, more so than advertising in mainstream media.  Why? Consumers who may not normally have considered your product, are now given the opportunity to do so in an engaging and entertaining manner.  

For food and drink products, consider the grocery market - the majority of grocery purchases are not planned.  They are bought on impulse, so food or drink sampling and food or drink cooking demonstrations at the store level would be influential in the  consumers' purchases.  Positive experiences will then filter through the wider population by word-of-mouth advertising.  Since our Personal Chefs work with the public every day, they are presentable, articulate and passionate about everything culinary-related.

Having a Chef 'endorse' your food or drink product, or create new and exciting recipes to enhance your product's appeal, will give it an added level of sophistication and credibility.  

Our clients include:
Weston Bakery
Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery
​WalMart Canada
Robert Mondavi Wine...

For kitchen appliances or equipment, again, having an experienced, presentable Chef demonstrating the ease of using your product(s) to create mouth-watering dishes will positively influence consumers, leading to higher sales.

Our clients include:
IVO Knives
Coast Appliances
Best Brand Appliances
​Sears Canada