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kenmore elite and sears canada


Scratch Marketing ran a retail promotion for Sears & Kenmore to promote their Kenmore Elite brand across Canada.

The Personal Chef prizes consisted of 5 Chef Experiences for “5 course fine dining dinners for 8 people.”  Here are a sample of the testimonials of some of the prizewinners: 

L. Novak, SK:
“the meal was well made and we enjoyed that Blue was able to tell us about the course and the ingredients, it made for a great learning experience as well.” 

K. Plesz, AB
“10/10. Besides the obvious advantage to an in-home experience where you do nothing except sit back and enjoy the event, my wife and I really enjoyed the fresh courses made completely from scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such a healthy meal in my life and after it was over I didn’t feel bloated and uncomfortable. Ashlee was friendly and got the job done. My wife is a very unadventurous, picky eater and Ashlee surprised her with some food that she wouldn’t ordinarily try. But she loved it all, as did everyone at the table. Bravo!”

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